Soil & Environment as a tool for soil environmental functions evaluation

Soil & Environment as a tool for soil environmental functions evaluation

The Soil degradation is a part of total Ecological crisis of due to the Fact That soil is the link of the any Ecosystem. The soil loses its environmental functions (EF ) under the comprehensive loads. One of the key topics of nature protection in the last decade is the evaluation and accounting ecosystem services in human economic activity. Therefore, the search and development of spatial planning tools for areas based on their environmental functions is very important.

The article considers the software for evaluation of environmental functions using TUSEC algorithms (Technique for Soil Evaluation and Categorization) and others index.

The technique implies a score evaluation of basic environmental functions of natural and anthropogenic soils. Environmental functions evaluation allows keeping a balance of benefits and losses at a spatial planning as a result of lower environmental impacts on soil functions.

The central component of the software is a relational DBMS Derby designed in Java using IDE Eclipse. Data on the site, field description and analysis of soil profiles are stored in the database using input tools. Intermediate calculations and evaluation of environmental functions is based on input data by TUSEC models.

The forcasting modeling tool allows calculating the change of EF ranks for different types of land use.

The evaluation results of environmental functions and predictive models can be presented by graphs. Export of tabular and graphical information is possible as well as the spatial reference data into the GIS.

Friendly interface for data input and output and database management is designed for users who do not know SQL query language.


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