Clic-MD, identify trends
local and regional climate change

Clic-MD (formerly Moclic) is a product that was initially developed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and improved by Skiu(Scientific knowledge In Use).   Clic-MD facilitates handling large amounts of monthly data from weather elements, creating graphs to display thousands of data in seconds.


Software Clic-MD new version is possible:

  • 12 homogenization test to evaluate data quality.
  • Calculate different agroclimatic indices as humidity, aridity, erosion by the concentration of rain, among others, improving agricultural activities and reducing environmental damage.
  • Clic-MD allows to know the period of continuous rain (length growing period), essential to choose the variety of crops, optimizing the use of rainwater thus helping to conserve aquifers and obtaining higher returns on all our resources.
  • Clic-MD also helps identify trends in the local and regionalized climate change, strengthening our decisions to better address the adverse effects and taking advantage of the positive developments of climate change.

More information:

• Multiplatform, it works on any operating system that supports Java VM

• Java programming language

• Developed on the programming environment Eclipse 3.7.1

• Database engine, MySQL 6.0.4

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Product developed at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, licensed for sale in Skiu.

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