How I can download Clic-MD?

Steps for downloading:

  • First step, click on the “software” then click in the submenu “CLIC-MD” menu.
  • Second step, move to the section “Download Free Trial” and give a click on it.
  • Third step, fill the requested data.
  • Fourth step, press the “record”.
  • Last step, press the button “download”.

Note: The email entered must be valid, since it is sent to which our “Number user” and “Number key” corresponding to the license software testing Clic-MD

What operating system runs Clic-MD and what the requirements are to install on my computer?

Clic-MD work on Windows, Linux and Mac (all versions that support the Java virtual machine), the requirements are:

  • JAVA VM 1.6
  • 256 dedicated RAM minimum
  • 16 MG video dedicated
  • 20 MB HDD
  • 1.0 Ghz Processor
How I can get the databases that feed Clic-MD?

The climate database Eric III

In Mexico also the National Water Commission (CNA) and the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) have databases across the country.

What are agroclimatic indexes?

They are parameters that can be calculated based on the average monthly information from a weather station. These indices provide a more precise definition in agriculture: possible crops, management of historical information, phenological and improve climate forecasts and recommendations to enhance current and future production.

What agroclimatic indices can calculate Clic-MD?

Humidity Index (HUI), aridity index (ARI), vegetative growth period (GS) index concentration in precipitation (PCI), Modified Fournier Index (MFI), arkley Index (AKI) and length of period growth (LPC.

You can also build probability plots to estimate monthly rainfall irrigation water needs of the crop if known.

Are the transactions, index calculation and identifying trends in climate change can do in Excel?

Yes, of course. Only with Clic-MD you can view thousands of data in seconds and analyze many weather stations in Excel minutes while it would take months.

Clic-MD allows you to store, manage and display thousands of weather data in seconds and identify trends of climate change. For example, analysis of climate data from a single station can be done with Excel by a professional, but this can take up to seven months (which involves fees), while with Clic-MD in 20 minutes graphical results are obtained, visual and informative, not just one but all the weather stations that have access.

Can I export graphs and charts?

Yes, export of information in pictures is two XLS (Excel), txt; while for images available formats are JPG, JPEG and PDF