Soil and Environment (S&E)

Soil and Environment (S&E) tool to evaluate the environmental functions of the soil profile data

S&E is software that assesses the environmental functions of considering a minimum data set of soil profile, which is important in the planning of land use both in rural, urban and suburban area.

The data required to operate the software are: thickness of horizons, bulk density, stoniness, organic carbon, cation exchange capacity and texture.


S&E is for:

  • Assess the environmental functions of soils allowing decide the selection of the best sites for housing construction considering their power buffer against pollutants such as heavy metals and organic substances.
  • Identify soils with greater aptitude for food production.
  • Select the suitable land as habitat for wild flora and fauna.
  • Select sites for aquifer recharge.
  • Identify soils more organic carbon stored helping to slow climate change.
  • Identify soils of archaeological importance (history, such as ancient temples or buildings)
  • Assess soil geological importance (history of the land, such as soils with the bones of prehistoric animals, soils with evidence of ancient sea beds, etc.)
  • Multiplatform, it works on any operating system that supports Java VM
  • Java programming language
  • Developed on the programming environment Eclipse 3.7.1
  • Database engine, Derby DB
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Product developed in Skiu, Scientific Knowledge In Use.

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