Provide the general public access to scientific knowledge related to health and the environment through information technologies, in order to improve decision-making.
Position as a leader in software development for scientific communities (research centers, laboratories, etc.).

Establish itself as a leading producer of software and other art tools that impact positively on the environment (climate, landforms, soils, water bodies, atmosphere, etc.) and in rural and urban human populations company.

  • —Respect for the environment
  • The information generated is reliable, and that the highest standards of quality and honesty are followed.
  • Minimum generation of household waste
  • No generation of hazardous waste
  • All participants in the company, according to their participation, they receive economic recognition and responsibility right
  • Teamwork to join efforts and multiply achievements

Skiu (Scientific Knowledge In Use) developed in the Business Incubator System InnovaUNAM with students and researchers from the UNAM.

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