“Publishing is difficult, being recognized is even more”

 (Bautista, 2021)

When I saw my first article published, I got great satisfaction, great joy for accomplishing one of my goals, beginning to harvest the fruits of so much work and effort. I soon understood that with publications, recognition does not always come to work, at least not from all colleagues and friends. I comment on this, my dear future doctors of science so that you are aware of what awaits you, some comments to your publications will be:

  • Congratulations, but it is in Spanish and the language of science is English
  • How nice, it’s a shame that it was published in a national magazine and only recognized by CONACYT.
  • It’s good that you already publish in English, but the magazine is not JCR (Journal Citation Reports) and has no impact factor

  • What a shame that the magazine in which you publish has a low impact factor
  • That magazine, although it is JCR and has a high impact factor, I think, as it feels, that it is from a predatory publisher
  • Be careful where you publish because not all JCR and impact factor magazines are good
  • This topic is not important for the institution
  • Ok but you are not the first author
  • But you are not an expert on that subject
  • Publishing in high-impact JCR journals, but Open Access is academic colonialism

That is, they will question the topic, magazine, impact factor, editorial, type of publication (open access or by subscription), your place in the list of authors, and everything that is possible, you will not escape criticism. However, the post there is on your CV. Of course you will also receive sincere compliments and congratulations.

Form solid criteria for the selection of the journal, language, review times, costs, prestige, academic profile, think about who your audience will be. This depends on your line of research as well. The best advice I can give you is to verify that the magazine you selected is not on the black list of predatory magazines (predatory journals).

On the other hand, when you work it is only clear that you have to pay the price, in time, of the learning curve, the skills to be a rock star of the academy require a lot of time, dedication and learning with the best tutors. Traveling alone is possible, but it will be difficult, it will be very stimulating, rewarding and magnificent to show yourself that you can alone, but it will be hard.

On the contrary, you will reach the top in less time if you work as a team, where a few write the projects (and there is always money), where there are expert technicians who move in the laboratory like fish in water (and there is always data). There where the great lights are where lines of research, laboratories, undergraduate and graduate degrees are born.

Even better when working in networks, where you have the privilege of knowing other ways of doing science, other laboratories, other equipment, other cultures, so the world becomes small.

Select your path, the shoes, and to walk the path of science.